UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator


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UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator
UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator
UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator
UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator
UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator

The UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro Cutter, Creaser & Perforator is the flagship of all AeroCut units that will save valuable time, money and resources in your print production workflow. It is the most powerful model to date, offering the complete package of a slitter, cutter, creaser and perforator for finishing digitally printed applications in various sizes and paper thicknesses. Designed and calibrated with Japanese engineering, UCHIDA is renown for its robustness and technology that's built to last.

Features included:

  • Creasing Unit with five level creasing pressure adjustments
  • Slitting and Cutting Units with self sharpening blades featuring two single blades to trim top/bottom margins of sheets and two double blades for bleed center gutters
  • Feeding Unit that operates by tri-suction air with patented feeding mechanism to reduce misfeeds such as double feeds and prevent paper jams from occurring
  • Cross and Jump Perforation Units to perforate across and along feeding direction 
  • Sheet skew adjustment and alignment
  • Cut mark registration
  • Expandable Feed Tray that can hold up paper up to 750mm in length with stacking capacity up to 100mm
  • Flex mode operation allowing multiple cuts of a particular size from a single sheet along with preferred number of creases
  • Detachable rollers to allow easy cleaning and removal of paper jams
  • Designed and manufactured in Japan
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Accessories included: Belt Conveyor Delivery, Cross Perforation Unit, Jump Perforation Unit, Barcode Reader, LAN Connector, Lytrod Intellicut Global Software with One Year License, Stacker Wire, Guillotine Ionizer
  • Optional extra accessories: Waste Delivery Conveyor, Business Card Slitter Unit, Feed Table Extension, Feeder Ionizer, Standard Delivery Tray

Machine specifications:

  • Feedable paper weight: 120gsm (minimum), 400gsm (maximum)
  • Feedable paper size: 210mm W x 210mm L (minimum), 370mm W x 750mm L (maximum)
  • Minimum finished size: 55mm W x 45mm L
  • Operation: 10" built in touch screen display with adjustable arm
  • Job memory: 266 preset jobs including 150 customised job memories
  • Speed on SRA3 sheets per minute: 9 x 21up business cards, 14.6 x 8up A6 size, 18.9 x 4up A5 size, 28.3 x A3 size with center crease
  • Power supply requirements: AC 100-120V or 200-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: single phase, 400W
  • Dimensions: 1177mm W x 709mm D x 1076mm H
  • Footprint: 2397mm W x 709mm D x 1555mm H
  • Total weight: 290kg

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